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30 Days of Gratitude: Quiet Wednesday Mornings (and My Mom)

I don’t understand people who enjoy loud places. There are restaurants that I won’t go to, even if the food is amazing, just because they are too loud. (Flat Branch, it is a testament to how much I do love you, that I still eat there. Because you are totally guilty of this.) I don’t like loud parties or loud music.

But when you are a mom of two young children, it sometimes seems like it is never really quiet. And all parents know the, wait, it’s too quiet in here feeling. Quiet just isn’t a part of your life except when you’re asleep.

But every Wednesday, my kids go to my mom’s house for a couple of hours and it is wonderfully quiet. I can read, work, eat, all in wonderful beautiful silence.

30 Days of Gratitude: Quiet Wednesday Mornings - Photo by Kim Still

This is a huge blessing. I grew up far away from any grandparents, so I know my Mom didn’t get to have these mornings until we were both in school. I can’t even imagine how rare this must be for other moms. It is a huge blessing. The time never seems long enough. My mom herself says that she never new how short two hours could be until she she started taking us to school.

There is such a simple luxury in curling up with a cup of hot coffee in my favorite Polish pottery mug and curling up with my bible or a good book. These mornings give me time to rest, to run errands without children, to work on my side projects, to dream. The two hours may be brief, but their impact can last all week.


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