Day 1: A Prayer for a Sacrificial Spirit | Two More Days
Sacrificial Spirit


Day 1

If I’m honest with myself, I am selfish with my gifts sometimes. I’d rather scrapbook than work on the new layout for our worship guides at church. Lord, teach me to be a person with a sacrificial spirit. Let me make things for others joy, not my own. Let me not create out of pride, but to glorify your name. Let me sacrifice my time and energy to serve my church and neighborhood and not to serve myself. Let me open my home and my heart to others so they might see you working in me and come to know you. Lord, let my joy be in serving you.

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  1. Kim October 2, 2012 Reply

    Beautiful! Very well said~Blessings Kim

  2. midnightvisitor October 3, 2012 Reply

    Nice post. Let’s get started…
    Mine is 31 Days in Jakarta. Hope you like it. It tells you all about the daily life an Australia Expat family faces in a strange city in Asia.

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