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Beginner's Guide: Upload to a Gallery

So now that you’ve picked out your software, learned some basics, and made your first layout, how do you share it with other digital scrapbookers? Well, your first step is probably to upload it to a gallery. Though there are a ton of different ways to share your digital scrapbooking layouts besides this, this is a good place to start.

Galleries are each unique snowflakes in their policies, so make sure you read those first. I like to post my layouts in the designer’s store gallery or in a challenge gallery, if my layout is for a challenge. Store galleries usually have some sort of requirement that your layout use some of their products. Most galleries also require layouts to be under a certain size (usually 250kb) so that’s something to be aware of when you’re saving your layouts for the web.

The layout I’m posting uses One Little Bird’s Wrap Star, so I’m going to upload it to her designer gallery at The Lilypad. Once you’ve opened the gallery in your browser, look in the top left of the page for a link to “Upload Photos.”

After you click on “Upload Photos,” most digital scrapbooking galleries will take you to a page that has a few options for titling, describing, tagging, as well as uploading your layout.

Most online galleries are broken up into smaller galleries, usually by designer or type of layout. Most stores also have special galleries for their monthly challenges. In this case, I’m just uploading my layout to One Little Bird’s designer gallery, so I choose that from the drop down list. If you’re not sure where to put your layout, you can always just upload it to your member gallery.

Next, we’ll click on choose file and find the web version of our layout. This is a good time to double-check your file size and make sure you’re within the Gallery guidelines. Looks like I’m right at the max with this layout!

Now, we’ll ned to give our layout a title. I usually have already put a title on my page, like I’ve done with this layout. If my page doesn’t already have a title, I’ll usually take it from a word art I’ve used or just give it a descriptive title.

Next, we’ll give our layout it’s description. At the very least, you should list the kit(s) you used to make your pages and the designer’s name. I also like to include my journaling in plain text, but that’s a personal preference.

It’s also helpful to add a link to where your supplies are sold, if the gallery guidelines allow it. This both helps other scrappers, who may want to know how to purchase the supplies you used and helps to support your favorite designers. First, we’ll need to copy the link to our kit. I open another tab and go to The Lilypad store and search for “wrap star.”

Once you’ve found the supplies you used for your layout, copy the web address from the location bar at the top of your web browser. (You can right click or use Ctrl/Cmmd + C.)

Now go back to the tab or window that has your description open in it. Paste the web address right before the name of your supply. Then, most galleries use BBCode for links, so we’ll add [URL= before our address. Then we’ll put an ending bracket “]” at the end of our link. After the name of our kit we’ll add [/URL]. So the beginning of our description will look like this:

I know that as a designer myself, I really appreciate it when some links back to my designs, so even though it takes a little more time when I’m uploading my layouts, I try to always include the links. What I am terrible about is adding keywords. It doesn’t take much time at all, but I always seem to blank on them. It’s helpful for me to think about how I would search for specific layouts, and base my keywords off of that, instead of just listing random describing words. In this case, I know that someone might be looking for layouts on christmas, ornaments, holidays, or family traditions.

Just a couple more steps! I always check the “Yes” box for email when someone comments, since I find that easier than trying to check back for new comments. Then click the “Upload/Submit” button.

Once you’ll click “Upload/Submit” you’ll be taken to a second page where you can add your layout to additional galleries if you’d like. This is useful if your uploading a layout for a challenge, but you’d also like to upload it to a designer’s gallery. I don’t need to add this one to any other galleries, so I just click on the “Process” button.

Ta-da! You’ve just uploaded your first layout to a gallery!

Now would be a great time to look at some of the layouts other digital scrapbookers have uploaded and leave some comments for them. Browsing the galleries is a great way to get inspiration for your own layouts. I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

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