Day 10: Worn | Two More Days

Day 10: Worn

Materials Used: Worn by One Little Bird and Sahlin Studio

I know when I first became a Christian, I thought there would be a time when I would feel like I was basically competent and grown in my faith, but Lord, that time has never really come. I find myself going through these periods of intense light and heat, ones where I am literally consumed by the Gospel, followed by these times when everything seems to wither, my leaves seem to fall off and everything starts to look a little more bleak, a little more barren. Like fall, the color receding, the heat cooling. But while fall is my favorite time of the year, I do not enjoy these spiritual falls and winters, but I’m beginning to wonder if they don’t serve the same purpose as earthly fall and winter. Do we need these times of spiritual slowness to rebuild us for the next year, the next mission field? Or maybe they’re just a consequence of the fall. Whatever the reason Lord, I pray for a mild and brief winter of the spirit. I pray that the encouragement I’ve felt recently would mean that spring is right around the corner. Lord, I pray that you would renew my spirit. Continue the work you’ve begun in me. Build me up and fill me up that I might give glory to your name. Give me a faith that transcends suffering and transcends comfort. Give me a faith that abides.

Part of 30 Days of Creative Prayer


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