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I love when prayer actually takes on that form of a real conversation with God. Earlier today, when I was thinking about what my page might be about today, I was planning a prayer for the depressed and hurting. Something that came from the sermon that Ryan Worley preached at church today. (I’ll link the podcast here once it’s posted.) But when I actually sat down to write my prayer, something entirely different came out. Just like when you sit down with a friend, you’re not quite sure what you’ll end up talking about. I guess this is what the spirit laid on my heart, since I’m not really feeling any more apathetic than usual, but I am definitely coming out of a couple month long season of it.

Today, I’d also like to point you to another wonderful blog of prayers: Heavenward by Scotty Smith. I was introduced to his written prayers through a sermon that the interns in our church listened to and it was the first time I finally realized that, for some of us, writing prayers can be a natural way of sharing our prayers with the Lord.

Scrapbooking my prayers has brought me back to a time when I used to trade letters with a friend who lives in Boston, but I would always spend time decorating them in some way, so that they were an extra joy for her to receive. I love that this has given me a way to pray and say things through art that only the Spirit can translate.

Day 12: Apathy

Credits: Head in the Clouds by Valorie Wibbens and Paislee Press


Dear Lord, apathy is probably the most common sin we pretend isn’t a sin. For a people who are supposed to define ourselves by belief in you, by our heats being devoted to you, you would think we would take numb hearts a little more seriously, but we don’t. We fall into that age old trap of legalism. We believe that as long as we show up, as long as we check off the list, as long as we seem like people who care, then you are somehow more pleased with us than when we just sit at home, eating junk and surfing the internet, even though that’s where we would rather be. How have we come to believe this? Father, forgive us. Forgive me for treating you so cheaply as to believe that you desire empty praises and empty service.

Lord, fill our empty, hungry hearts with a hunger for you. Keep us from feeling lukewarm, worn out, and from serving the empty god of religion. Lord, trade us our religion for  true abiding faith in you. Let faith in you and joy in the cross be our true consuming fire.

For those of us who serve your church day in and day out, Lord protect us from burn out. Help us keep our hearts full of joy. Remind us the blessing it is to be able to serve you and your church. Because you are good and you are gracious to us.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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