Day 15: All Praises to the One | Two More Days
All Praises to the One

I feel that constant tension between enjoying God’s good creations and making good things into ultimate things and destroying them. We honor God by enjoying his creation rightly. We honor him when we worship the giver and creator and not the things themselves. This requires us to remember God’s goodness to us. To remember his blessings and the most chief of those blessings – the freedom we receive from the sacrifice of his only son on the cross.

All Praises to the One

Materials Used: Paper and Elements – Is it Friday Yet?, Hesagon Alphabet – Diptych, and Bow – Weekender all by Paislee Press


Lord, I praise you most and first of all for your son, whom you sent to die in my place, though I deserve it least of all. I praise you for my husband who is patient when I sin against him, who loves me despite my flaws. I praise you for my son and the joy he brings, but also the work of sanctification he is doing in me. I praise you for my church and my church family. The endless grace they shower on others, the true desire they have to love and serve you and make your kingdom known. I praise you for the city I live in, the vibrant culture you have grown here. I praise you for the work of faith you began in me, thoughI was most opposed to you, you saved me anyway. I praise you for bringing me out of slavery to cutting, slavery to smoking, slavery to the approval of other people. I praise you for the work you are still doing in me, though it hurts. I praise you for giving us your word and the talented men you have brought about to teach it to us. I praise you for giving me a heart for ministry and a love of truth. I praise you for the church in Brazil, for the many people you are bringing to faith there. I praise you for every doubt I’ve ever had that you have so boundlessly covered in your grace and your mercy and shown me every time that you are a good and loving God, but you are a just God, who disciplines his children, so that we may grown to love you through a mature understanding of who you really are. I praise you for the deep friendships you have given me and the joys of fellowship with other believers. I praise you for art and fall leaves and everything beautiful and everything sweet and everything desirable. I praise you for it all because every inch of creation testifies to your name, to your goodness, to our need for the cross. In Jesus name, Amen.

Part of 30 Days of Creative Prayer


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