Day 14: Light in the Dark | Two More Days
Light in the Dark

Maybe it’s the gloomy weather we’ve had the past few days, but I can tell that winter is on its way. I feel more aware of the darkening of the days and I’m already missing the light of the sun. It’s been a day, too, where I’m burdened for the trials of others. It’s one of the days where I feel what’s more broken more clearly than what is being put back together.

Day 14: Light in the Dark

Materials: The Witching Hour – A collobaration of The Lilypad


Lord, would you move in a might way in this city, in this world? Would you astound us with your faithfulness to your promises? Would you move in a way we cannot claim as our own?

We’re tired, I’m tired, of trying to do it myself. Of trying to make your kingdom come with my own two hands. With my feet, with my mouth. Lord, we’ve exhausted ourselves with the doing and the making and the going, but what we really need is you. We need your spirit to shine a light in this darkness. To shine over the shadows of our sins and our human efforts and bring your glory in to focus.

If it’s not here, Lord, then your will be done. If it’s not in our time, then then your will be done. But you have been faithful to our prayers, even when you think we haven’t. Those 20 baptisms we prayed for? You did that, just not when we expected. Bring ears to hear and eyes to see you. Shock and restart our hearts.

I love this city, Lord, and I long to see it transformed and renewed to one of your shining cities on the hill. Come here, come walk with this peoole and show them your face Lord, because you are good and you are faithful to your people.

In Jesus name,

Part of 30 Days of Creative Prayer

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