Day 16: We Have Hope | Two More Days
We Have Hope

Aarik Dainelsen preached a moving, heartfelt sermon yesterday about the Israelites facing Amalek in the desert and wondering, is God really on our side? Did Moses bring us from Egypt for us to die here? Would we be better off back in Egypt in slavery?

Of course, God is on their side. God fights to save his people. And they would not be better off as slaves to Pharoah.

But, how often do we ask the same questions: Is God on our side? Can I win this battle with sin? Would I be better off just going back to the way things used to be?

God has clearly answered these questions for us. He is on our side, and he has triumphed over sin.

We Have Hope

Materials Used: The Laurel Papers and Elements by Rebecca Wagler (The Ardent Sparrow)

Lord, I am struck tonight, by how often we act as if we have no hope. How often I act as if I have no hope. But Lord, show us that we have a perfect hope in you. When the mom is tested by the crying baby or the wayward teenager, show us that we have a hope in you. When we are worn to the bone by our jobs, when we are frustrated by our spouses, when we are stressed by our unbalanced checkbooks, show us that we have a hope in you.

Lord, you are our only hope. Only you are perfect and true, and our only way to you is through your son who lived the perfect life we did not.

Lord, I confess that I act most days as if I have no hope. If the number in the checking account drops too low, I think we have no hope. If it’s a day where we just can’€™t communicate with each other, I think our marriage will fall apart and we have no hope. When the baby won’t stop crying, I think I am the worst mother ever and Isaac has no hope. When I don’t get my projects finished on time, I think I’€™m a failure and I have no hope. And, Lord, if these are the things I put my hope in, Lord it’s true that I have no hope. These things may fail me. These things will fail me at some point.

But, Lord, you never fail. Your mercies are new every morning. We have hope in you.In Jesus name, Amen.

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