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In October, I finally replaced my aging iPhone 3G with a brand new iPhone 5. While I was mostly excited to be able to download apps updated within the past two years, I was also pretty thrilled with the camera upgrade. Sometimes I think my new iPhone takes better photos than my point and shoot camera. And the ease with which I can edit and share photos from the iPhone, not to mention the fact that it’s always with me, have quickly made it my preferred way to take pictures.

There are a ton of iPhone photo apps out there, but these are my favorites:

Instagram (Free)


Maybe you’ve heard of this one before? I know I’ve joined in on poking fun at Instagram, but I’m really only poking fun at myself. I love being able to take a quick snapshot, add my favorite filter, and share it with my social networks. Easiest way to share a quick pic.

Dropbox (Free plan starts at 2GB)


Yes, the file sharing service Dropbox is one of my favorite photo sharing apps. With the addition of camera uploads, all I have to do to get my photos on my iMac for editing in Lightroom or scrapping with is to open the Dropbox app on my phone.

Apple has moved into their territory a bit with the addition of Photo Streams in iOS 6, but I haven’t bothered with updating iPhoto to take advantage of it. The Dropbox solution works perfectly already and works wether you use iPhoto or not. (The link above is my Dropbox affiliate link, but if you sign up for Dropbox with that link we both get 500 mb of extra free space!)

Camera + (currently on sale for $0.99)

In a lot of ways, Camera + could be the only iPhone camera app you need. If you use the fantastic light box feature, you can take multiple shots with little delay between. It will also give you detailed information about a shot and you can quickly do some basic photo editing and share right from Camera +. It’s a huge improvement over the basic iPhone camera.

VSCO CAM ($0.99)

The first time I came across Visual Supply Company’s film presets for Lightroom, it was love at first sight. But we have a pretty tight budget so the $120 price tag has kept me from experiencing them first hand. Thankfully, VSCO CAM costs only $.99! It has a few great film presets and also allows you to so some simple and elegant editing of contrast, temperature, fade, and fill. The filter choices are limited to just a few, but they’re beautiful. And you can quickly share with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

KitCam ($1.99)

This new photo app just looked too fun to pass up and I was right. With most apps you have to take a picture, then apply your filter and effects. Kit cam allows you to set up a combination of lense, film and frame and preview your shot before you take it. You can edit white balance and exposure as well. It also provides a time lapse setting. I could play with this app forever and you can get some really nice photos with it. The app is $1.99 and there are some premium add-ons available as well.

Snapseed (Free)

Snapseed has been highly lauded with honors and touted as one of the best image editing apps for the iPhone, but the previous $5 price tag had always kept me from purchasing it. Well, it’s now available for free, so what are you waiting for? I haven’t had a chance to play around with it much, but it’s clear that it’s pretty powerful, while having a great touch interface. Free

IncrediBooth ($0.99)

This last one is just for fun. I snapped this up when it was a featured app a month or two ago. It’s just a fun photobooth app. It’s especially a hit with children. It comes with three “photo booths,” but you can purchase more.

What’s your favorite way to take photos on the iPhone? Am I missing out on a great photo app? Let me know in the comments. And if this was helpful for you, please like and share!


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