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I love journaling on my layouts, but I know that  a lot of scrappers struggle when it comes to journaling. Even as someone who loves writing, sometimes it’s hard to journal about Isaac’s milestones without my writing turning into a gushy mess. However, journaling is part of what makes a scrapbook different from a photo album. It let’s you tell the stories behind your photos and is perfect for including those important moments that you don’t have a photo to document.

Whether you’re scrapping, doing Project Life, or none of the above, I’d encourage you to do a little more journaling this year. I want to share with you what I think are some of the best apps and websites for keeping a journal.

Day One


$9.99 for Mac, $4.99 for iPhone + iPad

Day One is by far my favorite application for journaling of any kind. It has a beautiful interface and syncs between the iPhone, iPad, and Mac with iCloud or Dropbox. You can set a daily reminder to journal and a passcode to keep out prying eyes. You can also include photos with your journaling. You can save your location and the weather as well. Day One is the best digital equivalent to a simple paper notebook. I’ve been using it since I got my iPad and I love it.


750 Words



If you just want a simple way to motivate yourself to journal more, you might want to check out 750 words. It will encourage you just to write and you’ll be suprised what stories will come to mind when you just write 750 words. You also get points for finishing your entries each day, which are meant to motivate you to keep writing. There are also some fun analytics. It’s a simple way to motivate yourself to move beyond superficial journaling.


Oh Life



Are you always checking your email? Oh Life might be more up your alley. They send you a daily email, you reply and they catalog all your journaling for you. You can set how often and when you receive your email, or skip a day if you’re too busy.


Once you get into the habit of journaling, it will be more natural to include journaling on your pages. The more you journal, the more you’re going to want to, so start sharing your story.





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