Illustration Friday 03.29.13 | Two More Days

The longer I’ve designed, the more I’ve desired to have some basic art skills under my belt, like illustration. As I’ve searched for inspiration for around the internet, I’ve found myself enamored with the illustration of artists like Teagan White, Nicole LaRue, Sabina, Oliver Jeffers, Jon Klassen, Christoph Niemann, Jessica Hische, Ez Pudewa, Lisa Congdon, and a ton of other artists and illustrators. We could be here all day if I kept listing them.

I’ve always been the designer who believed I couldn’t draw, and I will tell you I am still not good at drawing, but I’m realizing that a lot of art is looking and trying, and looking and trying again, and erasing and trying again and again, and getting just a little bit better. I’m probably never going to be a great illustrator, but I figure if I start trying regularly, I’ll definitely be a better one than I am right now.

So I’ve decided to join in with a little project called Illustration Friday. This week’s prompt was “Egg” and here’s my take:

032913-egg001-webI’m a few days early, given that it’s only Good Friday here, but I hope that you have a great Easter weekend. And if you’re in Columbia, be sure to join us at Karis Church for our Good Friday and Easter gatherings.


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