Illustration Friday: Urban | Two More Days
Urban by Kim Still

Yesterday was our annual Staff Day at the library, so I’m a little behind on my Friday Illustration. It was worth it, though. We get free food and we had an awesome and informative Active Shooter Training by the Jr. High Resource Officer for the Columbia Police Department. Until we did that training, I wasn’t even aware of how hopeless I thought such a situation would be. Afterwards,  I really felt confident that if the unthinkable happened, I would have a fighting chance to get out and hopefully make sure others got out as well.


So it wasn’t until this morning that I got to sit down and doodle. I like this is a starting point. I was playing with skylines and letterforms, but I’m not sure of the end result. The mixed perspectives are a little wonky, but I’m trying to make my chattery perfectionist just shut up and draw.

Urban by Kim Still

How was your Friday? Did you draw anything?


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