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Some of my brush script practice from Kal Barteski's Life Scripted class.

Some of my brush script practice from Kal Barteski’s Life Scripted class.

Have you noticed some polish on this old place? I have big things to share, but not just yet! So I thought I’d share some little ones instead:

It’s the little things that can make a huge difference in your photos. Learn how to defog your digital photos.

Shanna Noel is starting a traveling journaling bible. I’m still not convinced that I am ready to alter my bible, but I can see that it really does help engage her with the text. What do you think? I think I’d just get distracted by the process. I’m on the fence on this.

I started listening to Elise Gets Crafty and I was delightfully surprised to open it to find out that she was talking to my friend Natalie of Natalie Creates! She talks about the challenges of being a young farmer and a lifelong learner. Listen to the episode here.

Making fun of Anthropologie furniture had me laughing out loud.


Stay tuned later this week as I finish dusting off this place. If you want to be the first to know when it’s all cleaned up, sign up for my newsletter. Thanks for visiting!






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