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Sam's Birth Announcement

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make an amazing, personalized birth announcement. Using digital scrapbooking supplies, you can whip up a cute and unique birth announcement in way less time than it would take to design one from scratch.

I am going to take you through my process for designing my daughter Sam’s birth announcement, but I hope that rather than being a step-by-step tutorial, this will give you some ideas to bring to your own birth announcement or any other photo greeting card.

Find Some Inspiration

When it came time to design Sam’s announcement, I knew I wanted to use the cute hand lettering I had seen on more and more baby announcements. Unfortunately, my hand lettering skills were not quite ready for prime time. Thankfully, between my collection of hand-lettered fonts and my digital scrapbooking stash, I had an abundance of hand-lettered designs at my disposal.

When brainstorming ideas for your own announcement, think about what’s inspired you lately. What reminds you of your baby? Is there a particular theme you picked out for their nursery? Focusing on the theme and feel of your announcement will help you when it comes to picking out specific elements to work with.

Background and Layout

I knew that I wanted to do a tiny bit of photo manipulation to make it look like Sam was sitting in front of a chalkboard wall. So, I used the selection tools in Photoshop to cut out the background from one of professional shots we had taken in the hospital.

(Pregnant moms-to-be out there: I so wish I had hired one of my photographer friends to take some in hospital shots instead of paying for the overpriced digital copies from the “free” in-hospital photographer. If you have time, seriously consider getting someone to come take some natural in hospital shots of you and your new baby.)

To make the “chalkboard,” I  slipped in a piece of digital chalkboard paper behind Sam, which gave me my canvas for my “hand-lettered” announcement.

So Many Fonts

Looking back on this now, I really should have cut back on the number of fonts, or at least unified them a little bit. But, let this remind you that you can make design mistakes and your announcement will still turn out just fine. Your family really just wants to see the cute baby anyway.

I typed out her name, birth date, weight and length in my various handwritten fonts. To make them look like they had been done in chalk, I used a chalk texture from Chelle’s Creations. Adding textures to your birth announcement is a great way to give it that professional-looking touch. Just be sure not to go overboard.

Then I added the fun stuff – the digital scrapbooking goodies. In my case, I used some doodles from Valorie Wibbens’ Eat Cake kit.

When I saw her cupcake doodle, I knew it would be perfect to match the cupcakes that were on Sam’s onesie. I added that and the arrow doodle and using a clipping mask in Photoshop, recolored them to match the colors on Sam’s outfit.

(If you’re looking for a another great kit for a birth announcement, Little Things here in the shop has tons of cute designs that would look great on a birth announcement.)

Little Things, a digital scrapbooking kit by Two More Days

Tweak It

I added the curve to “Samantha Grace” using the warp tool in Photoshop. To get that authentic chalkboard look, I used the smudge to make it look like there was some erased and smeared chalk behind the text.

I added the drop shadow behind Sam, to make it look like she was lying in front of a chalkboard wall. (I’ll be honest, this is not the most realistic looking card. But it’s ok, because as I said, your friends and family just want to see your baby! Get creative and make mistakes.)

And that was pretty much it. I used a coupon I had at Shutterfly for 100 free prints and then stuck them into envelopes and sent them off to family and friends.

(For the most part, anyway. We moved in the middle of this, so if you are family and friends and didn’t get a copy, I am so sorry! Let me know, because I have a bunch still.)

I hope this gets you inspired to use your digital scrapbooking supplies to make your next greeting card project.

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