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These snow days have given me a chance to slow done ever so minutely and get a chance to catch up on my blog reading. Here are some lovely things I want to share with you:

Pugly Pixel has these amazing iPhone Photoshop Flash Cards as part of her premium subscription:


Now that I am using Photoshop daily, I’m realizing how badly I need to learn more of the keyboard shortcuts. These look like a great way to brush up.

My friend Natalie shares her weekly rhythm for meal planning.  With three mouths to feed, I’m realizing how far our grocery budget has to go, so her tips are much needed.

Having three mouths to feed has led to me being a lot more creative in the kitchen and a lot more making things from scratch. I’ve been baking all our bread this past week and decided to try these Peanut Sticky Rolls from A Beautiful Mess.

Photo by A Beautiful Mess


It was my first experience with making cinnamon rolls or sticky buns by hand. While they took a couple hours to make, the results were well worth it. And I didn’t even have any chopped peanuts for the glaze! I can’t recommend them highly enough. The whole pan of them might have not even made it through the weekend.

We’re supposed to be getting even more snow tonight and tomorrow, so I may need to run out and buy some more peanuts so I can make another batch of these. What did you love about your weekend? I’d love it if you’d share you weekend favorites with me.


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