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Your Nose

If you had asked me five years ago where I saw myself today, whatever answer I gave would’ve been far off from reality. I probably would have hoped for marriage, but not a baby yet. The library might have seemed possible, but I would never have guessed that I would be interning at my church, doing digital Scrapbook design, or planning my third trip to Brazil. My story has taken a lot of twists and turns over the years, but I have always loved to tell stories. I think that from childhood to adulthood, the one thread I can trace through the various twists and turns and surprises of my life is a deep love of storytelling. But, I think everyone has this love of storytelling in them. We are all made in the image of God, and our little stories are a part of His grand story.

Story is how we relate to one another. When I meet you, I tell you my story. When my husband comes home from school, we tell each other the stories of our days. Sometimes they are the short story, “It was good.” Sometimes they are the long, “You’re never going to believe what happened…” story. And we all tell our stories in different ways, just as God is telling His story in a billion different ways right now. As a child, we tell our stories through play and coloring. As a teenager, we may tell our stories through our silent indifference. As adults, we may tell our stories through our calendars, our tweets, our email, our photos, our blogs. We might tell our story with art, with words, with sports, with parties. There a million different ways to tell the same story.

Which brings me to digital scrapbooking. One of the first layouts I did back in September, was telling the story of how Isaac grew a nose. When he first had his glasses, they were always sliding down his face because he had such a tiny nose and, one morning, he just had a nose big enough for his glasses.

Credits: For the Record by Paislee Press and One Little Bird

It’s not a big story, but that little story is all wrapped up in THE story. In watching God grow Isaac from newborn to baby to the early stages of being a little boy, I have learned so much about his story. I understand better now, what it means for God to have given His only son for me. That story, which is already part of my story, has a different meaning for me now. And part of the reason I have been making and sharing digital scrapbooking layouts and scrapping prayers is because I want to share my tiny part in God’s story with my friends and family. It’s because I am made to tell His story, by telling my story.

Maybe digital scrapbooking isn’t the way you want to tell your story, but find a way to tell your story. Maybe it’s in photos, in a journal, through art or craft. I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to see what God is doing in your life when you start telling your story. This is one of the ways, I tell my story. I’d love to see how you’re telling yours, in scrapbooking or not.

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